[Updated 2020] 20 Most Popular Dachshund Names

[Updated 2020] 20 Most Popular Dachshund Names

Dachshunds are adorable dog breed; you can’t resist a smile when you see one running across the grass. Ears flopping and tail quivering like a flag in the wind, with their little paws running as fast as possible while their extended body flexes back and forth like a slinky.

You can imagine being in that green field with your Dachshund next to you running after a butterfly. When you need his attention, anticipating his sight with that wagging tail and floppy ears, you shout out his name, the best name for a furry pal. You hope his name draws attention. Do you have that name for your furry companion? Or are you still looking for one? If that is your case, then take a look at these popular Dachshund names 2020.

Before we proceed with the list, these names are the unique, uncommon, well-researched dachshund dog names that you can consider for your adorable little wiener dogs. There are various Dachshund dog names, but here are some of the most popular in 2020. The following are names of Dachshunds puppy’s names that your friends and everyone around you will be impressed to hear you call your dog when they learn about the meaning. This is the list of cute dachshund names that are as cute as the adorable dog itself.

Schnitzel - the origin of this name goes back to Germany and Austria. Perhaps you have heard of this name before, but the surprising meaning of this name is that it has nothing to do with dogs. Schnitzel is in fact a thin piece of veal or other light meat, covered with breadcrumbs and fried.

Bruno - This name also has its origins in Germany and refers to the old German language “Brun”, which means brown. In general, Bruno seems more suitable for a bigger dog, but this has become one of the most popular names for Dachshund.

Cody - Though this name does not have a German related origin, it is very popular with the Dachshund owners.

Frankie – This name comes from the word Frankfurt, a kind of German sausage.

Ruby –This name signify that dachshunds are jewels in our lives!

Cooper –This is a nice name for a cute dachshund.

Otto –This is another German name that is very popular with new dachshund owners.

Riley – It means so Regal, Dachshund dogs are for Majestic

Hermann –This is a traditional name for a beautiful dog.

Penny –This signifies that the dog worth every Penny

Daze: This is a name for a dog that gets people in a state of confusion or bewilderment

Fargo: If your dog like snow, this is a great name for a snow dog.

Jasper: This is a slang name for cigarettes

Gazelle: This name means slender, small, and funny, like an antelope

Lilac: A beautiful flower of pale pinkish-violet color

Miko: This name has to do with a female priestess or shaman

Spirit: This is otherwise refer to as the soul

Sprinkles: This is another sweet name for a sweet dog. Maybe your dog has unusual spots.