Patterns and Colors of a Dachshund

Three Dachshund Dogs

A number of people define dogs by their color (red, gold, brown, etc.). However, this particular breed of dog is a lot more complex, as far as patterns and colors go.

Dachshund Color

When referring to a self or solid color of this breed, the dachshund’s coat is what is being described, specifically its base color. Dachshunds can have multiple solid colors, though - even a combination of them, which may include:

  • Tan and Isabella
  • Tan and blue
  • Tan and chocolate
  • Cream and black
  • Tan and black
  • Fawn (or Isabella)
  • Gray (or blue)
  • Cream
  • Black
  • Chocolate
  • Red

Patterns of a Dachshund

What separates solid colors from patterns are the unique markings above each solid color. In total, there are a total of five main patterns on a dachshund:


Light color patches are mixed with solid color patches on dapple dachshunds. For instance, a tan and black dapple dachshund will have silver or white patches integrated with their tan and black coat.

The Double Dapple

What separates double dapples from regular dapples are light patches. On dapples, these patches are bigger than they are on a regular dapples. If a tan and black dachshund was a type of double dapple, you would see a large white patch across their small bodies, as well as smaller patches that are widely interspersed.

The Brindle

Brindle dachshunds have dark stripes that are superimposed right over their coat’s solid colors. The stripes may be hard to see based on the dachshund’s solid color.


Piebalds are a lot like dapples because their white spots are superimposed right on to the solid color of a dachshund. However, in comparison to dapples, there aren’t any color variations in the spots.


Sables tend to look tan and black (or even all-black) from far away. Up close, though, you can see black tips and red roots throughout the entire body (except for the feet and face, which are generally red).

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