How To Express Your Appreciation For Dachshunds

Two Dachshund Dogs

We understand how much your dachshund means you.

Occasionally, though, the way we express love as people might be misinterpreted by a dog. As such, it is important for us to express ourselves to dogs using language they are capable of understanding.

The following article will explain how to tell your dachshund that you love them in effective and simple terms.

Lying Down

As tempting as it may be to hug your pooch, be mindful that they would prefer to lie down beside your feet, on top of your lap, or even right beside you. Dachshunds feel safe when they lay down near you because you have earned their trust. When you let them nap or sleep with a part of your body serving as their pillow and/or bed, you are expressing affection for your pet.

Raising Eyebrows When Maintaining Eye Contact

Dogs, including doxies, do not respond well to humans staring at them. If you attempt to maintain eye contact with them, they will probably look away. They feel shy and/or threatened in such scenarios.

Animal behaviorists claim that you are capable of maintaining eye contact with a dog, but when doing so, you should raise your own eyebrows. From the dog’s perspective, this is a loving signal. Eyebrow-raising makes your stare more loving and less threatening.

Speak to the Dachshund

As different as dog and human languages are, you are still encouraged to speak to your dachshund. There are a number of studies revealing how dogs are capable of remembering human words and understanding them. Further, your voice’s tone is what the doxie is really responding to.

As such, speaking to the dog using a soothing and loving voice will tell the animal that you love them.

Soothing Massage

Provide your doxie with a relaxing massage. Kneading action and mild strokes on their head, legs, ears, and back will articulate your love in a manner they will appreciate.


As necessary as brushing is for grooming, it is also therapeutic for your dog, because it’ll make them happier. Massaging and brushing have similar effects. The animal’s oxytocin levels will be increased, as will their level of happiness.


Taking your dog to a park or anywhere outside warrants time and energy. Your doxie will appreciate your love for them when they are brought outside. As with any relationship you have, your dog can be nourished with love simply by spending some time with them. Taking them out for a short walk is the best expression of your love. To them, it is an optimal way of spending time with you, allowing you to enjoy one another’s companionship.

Hand Feeding

Feeding a dog by hand is an impactful approach to developing an unbreakable bond with a dog. It instills trust while ensuring your doxie that you’re taking care of it. As far as trust-building is concerned, feeding by hand is a lot better than having them eat straight out of a bowl. Doxies understand that you’re the one that is supplying the food, rather than the bowl itself. The dog will understand where its basic necessities are coming from, appreciating your care even more.

Cherish Each Moment

Every moment you spend with a dachshund is precious and should be cherished. Express your love every chance you get. They need to be reminded of your love them frequently. Best of all, when that love is expressed, it will be reciprocated!

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