Are Dachshunds Apartment Dogs?

Dachshund with Owner

“Will an apartment be enough space for my dachshund, or will more space be required for them?”

If you live in a condo or apartment, your space is naturally limited. This brings up a good question – is an apartment big enough for a dachshund to live in?

This concern is valid. As caring and loving pet owners, we only want what is best for them. It is important that our living spaces are comfortable not just for us, but for the animals we live with, too.

The short answer is: yes, and the size of these dogs is mostly the reason why. Even the largest dachshunds out there will have plenty of room inside of an apartment.

While dachshunds are a dog breed known for their energy, their small statures won’t make them feel claustrophobic in limited-size settings like apartments. They’ll be able to run around without worry.

If you have kids already, or if you’re thinking about building a family, doxies serve as great companions. They’re great with small kids and are very playful.

How Much Space Do Dachshunds Require?

When bringing a dachshund to the apartment you live in, you may be worried about how much space they will require.

Fortunately, dachshunds are adaptable to various apartment sizes. Whether you live in a limited-space apartment or a large house, the dachshund will be comfortable inside of any living environment.

With that said, a compact space inside the apartment will be required for the doxie to call their own. This space can serve as its sanctuary and hiding spot. They will do all sorts of things in this area, including sleep, play, and eat. Be sure to create a personal space for your doxie in an area that receives a low amount of traffic.

Be Mindful of the Following

Living with a dachshund inside of an apartment does come with its fair share of problems, though. You will have to take certain actions to make sure that you, your dog, and your neighbors can live harmoniously and with minimal hassles.

To begin with, you must check with either the building manager or landlord to determine if pets are allowed to live in the unit. Fortunately, a number of apartments do allow small dogs to live with their owners, including dachshunds.

If you are allowed to have a pet live with you, be sure to go over any terms/conditions that may impact the welfare of your dog.

Dachshunds have a reputation for barking loudly. This could pose as a big problem if the apartment you’re living in has thin walls and floors, as you will be inconveniencing your neighbors.

Also, you must factor in how much noise is coming into your apartment. Neighborhood noise could lead to behavioral problems for your doxie.

Since they are small and short, doxies are at great risk of developing obesity. Dachshunds tend to be playful and very active, which helps them remain fit and hastily burn calories.

With that said, being confined to an apartment may limit the animal’s activities and movements. That is why it is imperative to take your dog out for a short walk on a regular basis. Take them outside and be sure to give them plenty of exercise.

In Closing

Because of how small they are, dachshunds are a popular type of dogs owned by people who live in apartments. These low-maintenance animals adapt easily to any daily routine.

There are some key things to be mindful of when living with a dachshund in an apartment, though. Speak with your neighbors and the landlord to make sure that the animal doesn’t bother anyone. Also, bring the dachshund out regularly so that they can get the exercise they require.

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