Why Brushing the Teeth of Your Dog Is Encouraged

Dachshund with toothbrush

Any dentist will tell you that brushing is essential if you wish to retain your teeth and keep them healthy. This is applicable to dogs, too. Dachshunds are as vulnerable to gum diseases and tooth decay as humans are. Therefore, they require proper dental hygiene like we do. If you are a dog owner, you must understand how important maintaining and cleaning is, because obviously, your pet can’t brush its own teeth.

Periodontal Disease Can Strike Your Dog

Most pets get diagnosed with this disease before they turn three years old. This can lead to facial swelling, excessive drooling, severe pain, inflamed gums, bad breath, and more. If periodontal disease is something that your dog suffers from, they probably have bacteria festering beneath their gums. Bacteria may travel throughout the dog’s body, reaching the heart and other organs. Serious health problems can ensue.

It Will Take Away Plaque and Tartar Buildup

Much like with people, brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis will prevent and remove plaque and tartar buildup. Your dachshund’s dental hygiene will be improved, as will their health overall. This is because tartar can get to other areas of the dog’s body, as opposed to staying dormant in their mouths. Blockages are produced with such buildup.

Bad Breath Is Prevented by Brushing

Many people complain about the smelly breath their pets have, which can be attributed to lackluster dental hygiene. By brushing the teeth of your dog on a regular basis, you will prevent and kill foul odors, and also remove food particles wedged between your dachshund’s gums and teeth.

No one wants their pets to get sick. Preparedness is always encouraged when introducing a pet to the family.