Three Suggestions For Giving Your Dachshund Healthier And Shinier Fur

Red Dachshund with a bow

Your dog’s fur, coat, or hair is representative of the animal’s beauty and health.

As such, your dachshunds should have nothing but beautiful fur.

Granted, this will be contingent on the type of dachshund that you have. There are a few different coat varieties for dachshunds: wire-haired, short-haired (smooth coat), and long-haired. Whatever type of dachshund you own, though, you should endeavor to keep its hair beautiful and shiny.

Consider the following suggestions on improving the hair of your dog to keep it beautiful and healthy.

Feed Them Food That Is Nutritious

A key indication of a person’s health is by looking at their skin. A dachshund’s skin will have the same indication. Because fur is an aspect of their skin, what is applied to the skin directly affects their fur.

To improve your dog’s hair or fur quality, you must begin from within. If your dog isn’t healthy, it can’t be expected to develop beautiful fur. If you can preserve the health of your dog, a beautiful coat and fur will come about naturally.

This is why your dachshund should be fed nutritious food. How can you determine which ones to feed your doxie, though?

The coat of a dog is comprised of approximately 90% protein. As such, protein needs to be part of your dachshund’s diet.

Ensure that your dog’s protein source comes from lamb, chicken, or turkey. Cheap food for dogs contains chicken meal, wheat, soy, or corn as its source of protein, and you shouldn’t settle for it.

Fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6) are another nutrient to add to the dog’s diet. Such fatty acids can moisturize the dog’s coat and make it resistant to irritations and lesions.

Foods that are rich in these types of fatty acids are safflower oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil, fish oil, flaxseed oil, and fish.

Proper Shampoo

Human shampoo should be limited to humans. You must use shampoo that is purposely developed for a dachshund. That means you shouldn’t be using a generic dog shampoo – the one you use must accommodate the doxie’s fur quality, coat type, and hair length.

One shampoo could be great for a certain breed, but not so much for another. That is why your options must be narrowed down until a suitable one for your dachshund is found.

For instance, if the skin of your dog is excessively dry, then the shampoo you give it must be purposely made to accommodate dry skin. An untangling shampoo should be used if your dachshund’s fur tangles frequently. If the dachshunds get smelly and dirty easily, then a deodorizing shampoo will be necessary. If your doxie has a flea or tick infestation, you will require a shampoo capable of killing off those pests.

The shampoo that you choose should be full of vitamins, proteins, and essential minerals, all of which will improve your doxie’s fur and hair quality.

Regularly Brush the Dog’s Fur

Brushing the fur of a dog will be quite beneficial. Doing so can get rid of skin and hair that is dead, leaving the remaining fur refreshed and revitalized.

Further, brushing eliminates dirt and tangles, which can make the dog’s hair sticky and dull. Brushing the hair of a doxie stimulates production of skin oils that are natural, keeping the animal’s hair moisturized, healthy, and shiny.

In Closing

The hair of your dachshund serves a bigger purpose than being beautiful. Its fur and coat are an irreplaceable aspect of the animal’s overall health and wellness. By keeping the doxie’s hair beautiful, you’re also preserving the happiness and healthiness of the animal.

A number of dog supplement manufacturers have developed premium vitamins that are completely natural and do not contain any GMOs. For instance, salmon (particularly wild Alaskan oil supplements) offer plenty of nourishment for a doxie. Salmon happens to be a strong omega fatty acid source. In fact, it is considered to be one of several natural superfoods for humans and dogs alike! It is helpful for healthy joints and hips, cardiovascular and immunity support, and also serves as a dandruff and anti-itch solution. Salmon improves the sheen and texture of a dog’s coat and stimulates excellent fur and skin health.

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