Dachshund Grooming

Wirehaired Dachshund

Dachshunds should look and feel as good as they can. We feed them healthy food, clean water, and endeavor to have them groomed right. With that said, every dog is unique, and dachshunds are no exception. This breed has a coat that comes in various textures and lengths. If you have adopted a young dachshund recently, then have a look at our suggestions on properly grooming them.

Bathe Them Once a Week - Twice a Week at the Latest

Endeavor to bathe your dachshund every two weeks, at least. If they get dirty often, bathe them once a week. Use shampoo as well as a conditioner that is dog-friendly (i.e., don’t use human shampoo or conditioner, because their pH balance isn’t suitable for dogs).

Pest Checking

Once the dog has been bathed, and you begin to comb it, be on the lookout for pests like fleas, worms, and ticks. If you happen to notice something, speak to a vet right away. They will prescribe a suitable pest control solution for the dachshund.

Accommodate Their Coat

There are a few kinds of coats you’ll find on a dachshund – wirehaired, long-haired, and smooth. The way you dachshund is groomed will be contingent on the kind of coat they have.

Wirehaired Dachshunds

Wirehaired dachshunds have longer coats than smooth dachshunds do, but are significantly shorter in contrast to long-haired dachshunds. They should be combed a number of times each week with a brush that has soft bristles. The brush should be worked in the same direction that hair grows in, and that hair should be lifted up while you are combing. Their undercoat will need to be stripped several times each year, which you can do on your own with electric clippers. Alternatively, you can have a groomer do for you.

Long-Haired Dachshunds

As with any animal with long hair, these kinds of dachshunds warrant plenty of maintenance. They should be brushed daily using either steel combs or brushes with soft bristles. As excessive as this might seem, their coats get tangled easily. In fact, you might find an influx of knots in them the day after a grooming session!

Smooth Dachshunds

Because these types of dachshunds have sleek and short fur, they are a lot simpler to maintain. A brush with soft bristles should be used and brushed in the same direction fur grows. This should be done from the animal’s neck, right to its tail. This should be done at least twice a week in order to maintain the smooth and shiny coat of a dachshund.

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