5 Dachshund Games That Are Fun To Play

Dachshund Dog with Ball

If you own a dachshund, here are a few traits about your furry friend you should know; they love to dig, they love it when you give them your time and attention, they are naturally athletic and they can also hunt.

Playfulness is another core characteristic which dachshunds have in common.  Here is a list of some of the best activities for a dachshund. This represents a list of  the kind of games dachshund like to play.

 1. Hide N Seek

Hide N Seek is a fun game dachshunds like to play, and you can play this game for hours both indoors and outdoors.

Just like the regular hide and seek that you play with your little ones, the same applies here. All you need is take turns hiding somewhere around your home and calling out to your dachshund puppy for him or her to find you.

However, in order to keep him or her engaged about finding you each time you call them, you may have to give her some treats at each point her or she finds out where you are hiding.

Another way to make this game more fun is by hiding treats somewhere around the house and letting your furry doxie find the treat following their sense of smell to find the treat.

 2. The Athlete

Although dachshund breeds are prone to back injuries, they are also very athletic and they love running around. This trait makes them love any games that will give them the opportunity of running for hours.

In this game, you can set up an obstacle course where your doxie has to run and jump over the obstacles to get to the final stage where there will be a treat awaiting for him or her.

In the event this is a bit too much for you, you can take him or her on a hike where he or she can run, climb and sniff around as much as possible. Doing this is one of the best activities for a dachshund, especially where they can find small animals to chase.

 3. Attention Seeker

Dachshunds are generally known to seek attention from their owners. With this inherent trait, you can teach your doxie some common commands such as lay down, sit, paw, rollover.

Once you are out with them, you can speak and have he or she do exactly what you’ve said, and when he or she obeys, make sure you reward your doxie since they love to be praised.


 4. DIY Agility Tunnel or Maze

Another characteristic of dachshunds is that they love tunnels. With this, you can create a fun obstacle course or maze where you lead your doxie through.

After two or three times, get to the end and call out to him or her to follow the same path. If they get through it faster and faster each time, you may have to rearrange things to keep the game more interesting and tricky.

Don’t forget to applaud him or her or give her some treats when she completes the course smoothly.

 5. Fetch 2.0

This game is tricky and quite brainy. It requires an initial training period where you have to train your doxie to identify her toys by name as you pick each one.

Once you observe that she’s familiar with her various toys by name, praise her and give her some treats to motivate and encourage her.

Now to the game; you’ll have to hide her toys in certain places where you can just point to, and then give her the command to find the toy. For instance, you can point to a place where there are multiple toys and you give her the command to "FIND POLICE.”

Beyond serving as a game, this can also serve as an amazing mental activity for your dachshund.


In Summary


Keeping yourself and your furry friend busy with these great dachshund games doesn't require much. All you need is a few creative ideas with a few treats and praise lines.

Get creative, have fun and train your dachshund – they’ll love it.

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