Dachshund Housebreaking

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Dachshunds master tricks quite easily and are considered to be incredibly smart. One thing that they don’t pick up on as fast (in contrast to other breeds) is housebreaking. In fact, dachshunds have a reputation for being troublesome to housebreak. This is not an impossible feat, though. With some patience and time, any dachshund is house-breakable. There are a number of approaches you can take to go about housebreaking them, including the following:

Use Consistency

Consistency is key when a dog is being trained. Everybody in your family needs to participate in the training process the same way. If the animal receives conflicting commands, or other people in the household use different reinforcement tactics, the only thing you’ll do is confuse the dachshund.

Make a Timetable

Consistency involves making a timetable and adhering to it. That involves being sure that your dog goes out the same time each day in order to acclimate them to a routine. Puppies generally need to relieve themselves within 30 minutes of consuming a meal. As such, endeavor to bring them outside during this window of time.

Positive Reinforcement Usage

In order for the dog to learn behavior, you must praise them when positive actions are taken. Positively recognize your dog when they go outside properly and asks to do so. By offering a reward of treats or praise when the dog is able to hold onto their bladders until getting outside, they’ll equate such positivity with your actions. This will teach your dachshund to go outdoors whenever they need to relieve themselves, and will ensure that they will do so regularly.

Gently Scold Them

At some point, your dog will more than likely relieve themselves in the house when they are being housebroken. In such instances, refrain from yelling or screaming at them. Rather, scold the animal firmly but politely. Bring them outside so they can relieve themselves. When they have done so, reward the dog accordingly.

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